Laura Domela is a professional photographer living in Portland, Oregon. Her book project Fietsen is a collection of photographs of bike commuters in Amsterdam. For five days in September of 2005, she spent one hour a day photographing cyclists as they rode past her second-story apartment window. She ended up photographing over 1600 cyclists, 118 of which were selected for her book. Take a look at the sample slideshow; it’s clever how she paired up the photos based upon characteristics such as color, contrast, activity, etc.

About Fietsen
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3 Responses to “Fietsen”

  • Perry says:

    Great find!

  • Roland Smith says:

    Nice pictures.

    If anything proves that you don’t need a specialized bike to haul stuff it is the photo of the person transporting the table frame. :-)

    The photos of the two girls on the pink ‘oma’-fiets are typical. You see that a lot around here. It’s amazing how sturdy the slender standard racks on those simple bikes are. You’ll completely squash the back tire before you break the rack.

    The picture of the little ones side by side in the bakfiets takes the prize for cuteness though. What a great way to travel. :-)

  • Eugene says:

    I am seaching for some idea to write in my blog… somehow come to your blog. best of luck. Eugene

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