Picnic Ride

Parked at the deli, picking up lunch for a picnic ride on a gorgeous fall afternoon

Ride Stats
Temp: 75F
Sky: Blue
Clouds: Billowy
Breeze: Cool
Speed: Slow and easy
Distance: Far Enough
Lunch: Yummy
Company: Priceless

4 Responses to “Picnic Ride”

  • martian1 says:

    Went for a ride yesterday morning with my partner-
    Ride Stats
    Temp: 25 F
    Sky: Clear deep Azure blue
    Clouds: Fog in the valley
    Breeze: Almost none
    Ride: Gentle and easy
    Breakfast: Warming
    Company: Priceless.

  • andy parmentier says:

    i like wooden saunas and wooden advertising boards, suppose they take heat better than plastic.
    wooden fenders, wooden credit cards, wooden edit.. ards..vark…eating termites..eaters of wood
    voracious writer, termite of paper..somewhere out there an aardvark’s got my number

    ride stats

    temp in termite sauna: over a 100

    sky: wood

    clouds: droplets forming on my forehead..salty precipitation likely

    breeze: every 15 minutes, take break laid out by a circulating fan

    breakfast: warm/hot air and cool cool water

    company: in the stillness, pictures form in noggin, a motionless microscope/telescope..(and the occasional co-sweater-stays 5-15 minutes)

  • andy parmentier says:

    “aardvark my editor”
    (we’re an odd team-like the mouse who chews the net for the lion)

  • andy parmentier says:

    ..wooden SHOES….

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