Stealth Helmets

I’m way too unhip and clueless to be concerned about how my helmet looks, but if you’re more style-conscious than me, and you don’t like conventional bike helmets for fear of looking nerdy, Yakkay has come out with a line of helmets disguised as hipster hats. I have to admit, I thought they were a little silly, but my wife, who has a much better sense about these kinds of things than I do, thinks they’re pretty cool. I guess that’s why she does all of my clothes shopping for me. ;-)


5 Responses to “Stealth Helmets”

  • Karen says:

    I like the look, but it appears to lack ventilation. I’d probably only wear on cooler days.

  • andy parmentier says:

    i like these, i’ve seen similar helmets before-mostly for kids.
    am also a fan of skater helmets. thanks croupier, for the “‘heads up”

  • Scott Wayland says:

    I like the look, but I, too, would be concerned about ventilation. My current lid is hot enough during the warm weather.

    Please! I DON’T want to start a massive helmet posting flame war, but I was pretty annoyed at the statement of risk involved with cycling on this company’s website. It makes the, in my opinion, improper statement about cyclists being something like six times more likely to have a serious injury compared to cars PER KILOMETER driven. Because cars are so fast and powerful, in only a few trips, one can rack up massive mileage–not a fair comparison at all. The only reasonable way to compare risk on bikes vs. cars is to use the injury per hour of activity, i.e. on any given outing, what are the risks? Guess what? Using this standard, bikes are SAFER than cars. People need to know this. Non-cyclists tend to have an irrational opinion on the risks associated with cycling, and information like that presented on this company’s site does nothing to help.

    I regularly ride for about six miles or so along a major freeway near my home in order to connect a couple of roads on a big ride I do to work. It’s a big, four lane divided freeway–trucks, cars, the usual, but it has a huge shoulder and prominent rumble strips, and visibility is pretty good, as is the case with most freeways of this kind. When I tell people I ride this stretch about every week, they think I’m some crazed daredevil out tempting fate. But I know the risks are reasonable.

    Of course, nothing is completely safe, especially cowering at home on the couch and worrying about all the dangers out there, but we do our fellow humans a disservice when we misrepresent the dangers of an activity that can positively enhance their lives.

    Rant off.

    Ride well. Wear your lid, but remember the best safety gear is the soft gray matter packed inside.


  • Eddie says:

    A helmet is not unusual looking but I’m not sure I’d want to cover it with a hat that makes my head look so fat it requires a 21.5 hat size.

  • andy parmentier says:

    wow, thanks scott for corroborating a thought i had. it goes like this: einstein said that time is relative to speed, and i realized this did’nt just apply to theoretical spaceships traveling at the speed of light. your average car is a time machine-think about it. so thanks for breaking down
    the correct comparison.

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