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WorkCycles is now in production on their new FR8 series of heavy-duty transport bikes. This is their first offering developed solely in-house from the ground up. Right now the FR8 is in small-scale production, but by spring they should be available in larger numbers through WorkCycles’ dealer network. Hopefully we’ll see a few exported to the U.S. over the winter. [UPDATE – Clever Cycles in Portland currently has two FR8s in stock. Thanks Todd! —Alan]

From WorkCycles:

The WorkCycles FR8 (“Freight”) is a modular range of heavy-duty transport bicycles based around two versatile and super-sturdy frames. Unlike most so-called “transport” bikes the FR8 is a hard-core workhorse. Everything about the FR8, including the geometry, generous clearances, fittings and materials has been developed to create the toughest, most stable and convenient bicycle possible. It happens to ride beautifully too, regardless of what you pile on.

Like all WorkCycles’ bicycles the FR8 is hand-built in the Netherlands. This enables us to maintain a very high level of quality and provides enormous flexibility to build the FR8 to suit each customer’s needs. By choosing from various componentry variants, front and rear carriers, boxes and other options the FR8 can be configured for a remarkable range of applications.

The FR8 is available in two frame configurations: the Universal and the Cross. The Universal Frame has a fairly low step-over height but is suitable for both men and women. It adjusts to fit riders from 5’3” to 6’9”. The Cross Frame’s crossed top-tubes enable the stand-over height of a 60cm frame while the saddle and handlebars can be adjusted to the equivalent of a 75cm frame. It adjusts to fit riders from 5’ 9” to 7’ 3”. Either frame is available with one of four different component packages and a wide variety of options.

Henry WorkCycles
FR8 Tech Sheet (PDF) →

5 Responses to “WorkCycles FR8”

  • todd says:

    actually alan, we have 2 in stock at clever cycles. one was sold to rick “cafe velo” wilson: . here’s a shot of me delivering 3 boxed bromptons at once : (well, i was taking the photo) . there’s another “flying” in the background here:

  • David says:

    Thanks for this post Alan.
    I want a fr8. I want one bad. I was just about to run over to CleverCycles to see if they had any in stock. Thanks for the stock update Todd. I’m still coming to the shop. I can’t get enough of the bike eye candy there.


  • Croupier says:

    Cool look on these. I like the picture with the Bromptons, Todd. I’m actually in the market all of a sudden for something like this so…

  • andy parmentier says:

    the dyslexic in me says, “the dog is my shepherd; i shall not hop freight trains. he maketh me lie down and play dead; she leadeth me beside the pacific ocean. (bingo, AKA “princess” is australian shepherd)

  • Marcos says:

    Does anyone know approximately how much this lovely bike will be selling for?

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