Greenspeeder #11

The latest issue of the Greenspeeder newsletter from Australian trike builder Greenspeed is now online. This issue covers the new Glyde velomobile, the GT-1 trike with internal-gear hub, an upcoming power-assist system, hub dynamos, and more. It looks as if Greenspeed has all sorts of interesting projects in the works!

Greenspeeder #11

3 Responses to “Greenspeeder #11”

  • Rick says:

    Looks pretty good! I think the power-assist and internal gear make it a very desirable alternative to driving.

    One question:

    Where do you park one of these? If you park in a stall, there is not a place to lock, and you risk getting crushed by someone who didn’t see your velo. I think I would go to a bike rack, but then, where do you attatch the lock?

  • andy parmentier says:

    it’s time for one of my crazy non-sequitur..anyway, i was thinking, my dad’s steinway is THREE-legged
    and mom’s cello (“ludwig”) is

  • James says:

    Looks great! and power assist for a velomobile makes a lot of sense.

    I would assume it has provision for locking the wheel, but that wouldn’t stop someone from just picking it up and taking it (though it is probably pretty heavy and cumbersome to load in a truck). I wonder how that problem is being addresses in northern European countries where velomobiles are already fairly popular.

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