Amtrak Funding

The five-year Amtrak authorization recently passed by Congress specifically states that Federal funds can now be spent to improve bicycle facilities:

NONMOTORIZED TRANSPORTATION ACCESS AND STORAGE. — Grants under this chapter may be used to provide access to rolling stock for nonmotorized transportation, including bicycles, and recreational equipment, and to provide storage capacity in trains for such transportation, equipment, and other luggage, to ensure passenger safety.

With multi-modal commuting on the rise, and overflowing bike cars the new norm, I’m hopeful we’ll (eventually) see improvements to service now that Amtrak has the green light.

[via StreetsBlog]

6 Responses to “Amtrak Funding”

  • Duane says:

    a great idea that gives amtrak another advantage over air transportation. i wonder if there would be issues for trikes like mine though because of the space they take up.

  • Fritz says:

    Streetsblog uses my photo and it ends up all over the blogosphere! :-)

    Things are much more crowded now — We were stacking bikes on top of each other on the train this morning.

  • Alan says:


    Things are much more crowded now — We were stacking bikes on top of each other on the train this morning.

    We’re dealing with the same over here in the Valley. Every morning we keep our fingers crossed as the train pulls up, hoping for that 5th car. Today we only had four cars and it was a bike pile.. LOL.


    PS – Thanks for the photo! Mine are under a CC license as well – feel free to use at will…

  • Croupier says:

    I tried to ride Amtrak from San Jose to Ft. Worth one summer. That was a ripe disaster.
    The first day we literally stopped twice for a four hour total delay because of couches on the track. The next day two people got sick on the dining car and one choked on a fish stick. They all had to be ambulanced off and the train didn’t move for half a day. Day three was: “Wake up! It’s 4 AM and we’re in San Antonio. Get on the Greyhound bus so we can catch you up to you next stop. Don’t worry about your bags we’ll move them for you!”
    The few dozen people still along for the ride and I were standing next to the tracks covered in sweat without a drop to drink. “Get on the bus!” Half of my fellow travelers were aboard when I looked about a hundred yards down the line to the end of our (soon to be departing) train and saw a black bag sitting alone. It looked enough like mine that I had to check. It was mine.
    Amtrak worker: “Looks like someone got a little overzealous. Hahaha.”
    Finally in Dallas, and this isn’t Amtrak’s fault, I know, someone got murdered outside of the station.
    Much to my surprise, coming back was very similar.
    I didn’t bring a bike but I can only imagine how much more fun that would have made it.

  • Duncan Watson says:

    I have used amtrak with my bike a number of times. In the NE corridor and in the Pacific NW. Both were great. I am glad to see Amtrak being allowed to use federal funding to improve bike handling.

  • Jim Reilly says:

    It’s time to decide as a nation if we want a reliable passenger rail service in the US. My vote is yes.

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