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Today’s Los Angeles Times online contains an article on longbikes written by Roy M. Wallack, co-author of “Bike for Life: How to Ride to 100.”

When gas prices gushed over $4 a gallon earlier this year, bike shops were (and still are) swamped with people who suddenly wanted to use pedal power for commuting, socializing and shopping. Attracting particular attention are so-called “longtails” — extra-long SUBs (sport utility bikes) with welded-on racks designed to haul big, bulky cargo, whether it’s a 200-pound load of bricks, surfboards or three or four bags of groceries. Here’s a look at four of the most popular SUBs I tested at the recent Interbike trade show in Las Vegas.

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3 Responses to “L.A. Times SUB Article”

  • andy parmentier says:

    EXTRAWHEEL one wheeled 26″/700c bicycle trailer for hauling 2 sided loads (youtube)
    AQUADUCT mobile water filtration bicycle (youtube)

  • Loren Hackerott says:

    Some of the dislikes he mentioned is a like complaining that a two seater car only holds two people. It IS a two seater car.

  • RJ says:

    Hot beans! I’m impressed that there’s an article on longtails in particular in the “big media.” Goodness knows there been a lot of that general, “Clever phrase about gas prices going up followed by clever phrase about riding a bicycle, then interview Joe and Jane Bike as they ride to the office” articles. Not that I’m complaining. Just noticing.

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