Ride-Thru Banking

Bringing new meaning to the term “drive-thru”.

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  • Cliff H says:

    In 1997 I rode my bike up to a drive through window of a 1st Tennessee bank in Germantown, TN. The teller informed me that I could not ride my bike through the drive through; that I had to come in. After a somewhat curt exchange, I went in. There was no place to lock up a bike, of course, but a friendly security guard said he would keep an eye on it for me. I did my banking, found a branch manager, and complained. She told me that it was corporate policy due to liability- that pedestrians were not allowed in the drive through. I educated her regarding the legal vehicle that I was riding, but to no avail. She said she would write a letter to corporate.

    At the time I was running about 250,000 a year through that account. Not much, in the big picture, but definitely nothing to sneeze at!

    As soon as I could after incident described above, I changed banks to one that was bicyclist-friendly. 1st Tennessee lost my business forever.

  • andy parmentier says:

    the swiss printing presses that print out u.s. currency-are they equivalent to a car or a bicycle in size and weight? before that, we had the “king’s seal” and that was similarly heavyweight. what is the “psi” of our currency? i’m not talking about inflation, but the pressure per square inch needed to stamp out currency.
    last year in alaska, i spoke to a friend, who was a summer intern at the islands and oceans marine research and visitor’s center. he said his assigned project was looking for tiny eggs the size of a grain of sand, on the ocean coast.
    serendipitally, i was dumpster diving the cheap clothing bank and found a DISCOVERY magazine with an article about a hypothetical “weight” of the world wide web..based on calculations of the weight of all those flying electrons in the world wide circuitry, the grand estimated sum came out to about the weight of a grain of sand.
    so don’t feel bad that you”re not rolling “heavy”

  • Elaine says:

    I’ve ridden through the “drive-up branch” (no lobby, just drive-thru lanes) of my credit union many times, to nary a comment. It always gives me a weird secret glee: like getting burgers on my bike at the drive-up stand at the end of the road.

  • Kenneth Rhodes says:

    I haven’t encountered any opposition to my biking through driven-ins at banks and pharmacies in my little town. The real problem is pulling up behind a vehicle belching out all those greenhouse gases. From a “green” perspective, all drive thru’s should be cycle, or pedestrian only. Guess they’d have to change the name.

  • Julie Pecenco says:

    I do this all the time, either on the bike or as a pedestrian, since my bank is less than a mile from my house. As this branch has no other access (i.e., no walk up ATMs) after hours, there isn’t much other choice. It’s a small town, but I’ve done it in larger places.

  • Kevin says:

    Wells Fargo has hassled me three times through the years over riding my bike to the drive-up. The first time I raised hell changed banks only to have Wells Fargo absorb them both. Last two times when told I am not allowed to ride a bike to the drive-up I politely ask to speak to the manager who in both cases told me that Wells Fargo indeeds welcomes me to ride up.

  • meli says:

    I used to commute on a daily basis thru the san ysidro-tijuana border for many years on and off between the early 90s-2002. After 9-11 they made all ‘bikes’ (and trust me not many then) go through the pedestrian lane. That’s hours of waiting. They still do, well on and off. When they finally made a bike lane-line, of course people rented bikes just to skip line and pass fast. Some bikes didnt even have a seat post or pedals!!
    But I was constantly pulled to a ‘security’ room to be briefed upon being a pedestrian WITH a bike and not a bike commuter/rider. I suggested having them remove me from watever profile-trouble list they had me. Im sure I was. “be aware of the bitch with the bike” or something like I was trying to ‘cut’ in line. I loathe that area. Intensely. is such a traffic nightmare for the amounts of people that live around there. And anti-bike. Total bicycle haters and ignoring california traffic laws pulling their homeland security hoopla. argh

    I also loathe wells fargo. evil.

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