New Products from Arkel

Later this fall, Arkel is coming out with two new bags specifically designed for commuters: the Metropolitan (Metro) and the Metropolitan Handlebar Bag (Metro HBB).

Metro retail: $169

The Metro is a convertible bag, along the lines of the popular “Bug” (see my review here). On the bike it’s a pannier that uses Arkel’s excellent Cam-lock attachment system, but off the bike it quickly converts to a brief/messenger-style bag. The fact that it looks more professional and non-descript than the Bug is a plus for those that work in a conservative office environment. I’ll have a full review of the Metro later this year.

Metro HBB retail: $129

Other changes for the coming year include a few cosmetic changes to the T42 pannier, a new, more subdued, color- scheme for the Bug (grey/black), 4 new colors for the seat bag (red, silver, yellow, tangerine), and subtle improvements to the Cam-lock hook system.

All of the above will be available for the coming Christmas season.

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4 Responses to “New Products from Arkel”

  • JoshM says:

    hmmm… so does the HBB mount to the Metro in some form?

  • Alan says:

    No, they’re separate items, only related by name, style, and color.

  • brad says:

    Three cheers for Arkel! And to boot, they’re based in Québec so it’s a “local” product for me. I have one of their rack bags and it is brilliantly designed, including an integrated rain cover. I love the seat bag with the retractable pouch so you can remove your valuables and take them with you without having to remove the whole bag. The Metro sounds like a winner and I’ll look for it in my local bike shop later this fall.

  • Cliff H says:

    I have 3 Arkel bags- I highly recommend them for their quality and durability. They simply work very well under all the conditions that I have exposed them to in my daily riding.

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