Gallery: Rich and His Bike Friday

I thought I’d send you some photos of a friend with his Bike Friday. His name is Rich and he tries his best to ride his bike instead of driving a car wherever he goes. He lives in San Jose and is retired. One of his goals is to ride across the U.S., which I am sure he will do.

His bike has LOTS of miles on it. He rides with a GPS unit to give precise mileage and speed. Rich is also a roller blade enthusiast, so he often tows a buggy (with his roller blades stored) to a park. Then he folds up his bike and puts it in the buggy, puts on his roller blades, and pushes the buggy (with his bike resting nicely) as he strolls or rolls through the park! —Ray

One Response to “Gallery: Rich and His Bike Friday”

  • Eddie says:

    Good for Rich. If I still have a fund for my future retirement I’m sure I’ll figure out how to bike and roller blade whenever and wherever I want to. Right now I’m pedaling as fast as I can just to keep from moving backwards!

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