A Little Outing

After following my physical therapy routine for a week I felt good enough to go for a short ride today. We always like to work in an errand when we get on the bikes, so we dropped off a few movie rentals before taking a detour through a local wetland preserve to enjoy the scenery and look for wildlife. Right away, we saw what we think was a female turkey and her chicks in the brush along a creek (even these little outings have memorable moments if we slow down and look for them). At a grand total of around 4-5 miles, the ride was anything but epic, but after being off the bike for weeks, it felt grand to be rolling again.

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  • Perry says:

    Alan, I’m really happy that you are well enough to ride again and I look forward to more ride reports.

  • Alan says:

    Thanks so much Perry. I need to take it slow, but it feels great to be back on the bike. Hoping you’re managing some rides as well.

    Best regards,

  • Perry says:

    Alan, I’ve been get some rides in. We had a lot of rain this weekend but hopefully it will clear up tomorrow and I’ll be out riding. Time on the bike is one of the joys of life and in these stressful times, it’s even more important that we make time to ride (but no overdo it of course). :-)

  • andy parmentier says:

    i round-tripped on the drumlin rails-to-trails-trail, and saw some wetlands and a few critters. one was furry and red, one was furry and black, one was a turtle, one was a frog i almost ran over..and anyway, i thought to myself, “what a nice place to live-the swamp” and like i said before, my nephew and i are often on the same magical wavelength, and so after i got back and we were set to watch a movie of his picking, of course he picked SHREK. and today, we were watching muppets, and john denver was going to take the gang to kermit’s birthplace. and also we saw FRIED GREEN TOMATOES. (i’m going back to finish the second half that i missed).
    sorry, it’s me, tangent andy.
    p.s. really glad that you’re back in the saddle again.

  • Bob says:

    As Perry says, it’s good to hear that you’re able to get out and ride again Alan….just in time for the milder Fall temperatures. See you out there! You too Perry!

  • Thomas Barone says:


    I pleased to hear you are out enjoying your cycling again. I hope you can get in many recovery rides, fall is a wonderful time of year for cycling. Go ” easy” and enjoy!!!

    Tom Barone

  • Ian Nicholson says:

    Alan,…it is great to see that you are able to venture out on your bike again. I’m that 73 year old from London, Ontario who has also been off the bike for awhile as my bone cancer has started on its warpath again. I have enjoyed a great reprieve from its ravages which 10 years ago had me on palliative care only. I have missed being on the bike but the doc says I just might be able to do it some more once the chemo therapy does its work. Here’s hoping. I too take great pleasure in the little things God places in the bike path…like Canada geese and their pooh, the little rufus towhee which I would never have encountered in any other form of transport. The many people that have taken the time to comment on my tricked out bike with it’s Canadian flag/swimming pool flourescent lime green noodle combination….plus my crossing guard big X safety vest. Its a 13 kilometer one way trip to the Cancer Clinic and just my entrance into the chemo therapy ward carrying my bike helmet and various bike related accoutrements brings smiles to the mostly sad faces to be found there. The next phase may be a little more difficult to cope with, but when negative feelings start to overwhelm, I have found great relief just getting on the bike and doing a ramble around the ‘hood. I’ve found that people just love to talk to a rambler biker about biking in general.

  • Alan says:


    Thanks so much for sharing your story. Your positive attitude in the face such difficulties is inspiring to say the least.

    Sending good thoughts your way for a full and speedy recovery…

  • Alexander López says:

    Way to go, man! That’s good news. Maybe you can go out in the tandem so your muscles can work a little less and ride longer. Anyway, it’s always good to be back in the saddle!

  • Alan says:

    That’s a great idea. When we’re on the tandem I usually let my wife do all the work anyway since she’s a stronger rider than I am… ;-)


  • Ian M Camera says:

    Hi Alan-

    Congrats on being back on two wheels. I had about three years when foot problems kept me from most forms of locomotion. One day I lost my head, borrowed my mom’s rans rocket, and rode waaaay to long. I paid for it, but the soft serve and the view was hard to beat. I’m glad to see that you are being much more careful about your return to pedaling, I have to say it is even more delicious once you know how it feels to go without for a while :-) I love the other Ian’s story, I’m sure his arrival is a welcome sight at the clinic!


  • Apertome says:


    I’m so glad to hear you’re back in the saddle again. It seems like a lot of people I know (including myself) have had extended stints off their bikes. I hope the worst is behind us! I hope you’re able to ramp up to longer rides quickly.

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