Civia ’09 Interbike Snap Shots

A few snapshots of the ’09 Civia line-up:

A Pair of Lorings

Hyland i-Motion 3

Hyland Rohloff

Hyland Rohloff “Dropouts”

Thanks to Rick Steele of Gold Country Cyclery for the photos. Gold Country is now a Civia Dealer and they’ll be stocking the ’09 models once they’re available.

Visit the Civia website

3 Responses to “Civia ’09 Interbike Snap Shots”

  • Adam says:

    Aargh – such beautiful, practical fenders on the Hyland – why couldn’t they have used the same on the Loring?

  • JoshM says:

    I certainly wouldn’t call the Loring fenders impractical and, in my opinion, they’re classier than the Hyland fenders.

  • Roland Smith says:

    That Hyland Rohloff is one sweet looking bike! Especially the way the caliper and control box for the hub are tucked in at the rear wheel is very well done.

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