Bike to Work Pants

Cordarounds, maker of the somewhat famous (and quirky) horizontal corduroy pants, launched their Bike to Work Pants today. From the outside, Bike to Work Pants look like any garden variety khaki, but inside they’re trimmed with Illuminite Teflon and 3M Scotchlite reflective material. By rolling up the cuffs and turning the pockets inside out, this common khaki is turned into a highly reflective safety pant.

From the Cordarounds website:

Bike pants make for silly work pants, and vice versa. So we set out to design a product for commuters that functioned equally well at both. Using fabrics like Illuminite Teflon and 3M Scotchlite we’ve bought reflectivity to regular trousers. They line the inner pantcuffs and rear pockets, allowing you to deploy added protection and reflection as you pedal off. The pant cuffs and mudflap pockets can be worn in 4 known ways. There are likely more, and we invite you to invent them.

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8 Responses to “Bike to Work Pants”

  • Seattle says:

    Can you say “Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday” OK, maybe Tati’s “Playtime”? Oui! I knew you could.

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  • Roland Smith says:

    This has got to be one of the more ridiculous ideas out there. Why not just use a pair of reflective trouser clamps? And a reflective safety vest or jacket if you’re worried about not being seen?

    And on a practical note: I don’t want to turn my pockets inside-out; I need them to keep stuff in.

    Clothes like this gives possible bike commuters and grocery-getters the wrong message. One does not need special clothes to commute/get groceries by bike, unless you ride fast (>20 kph) or far (>10 km), which most people don’t.

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  • LareyKerling says:

    Maybe being hit by a car wouldn’t be so bad after all…

  • Alan says:

    I kind of like them. I have to buy cheesy wrinkle-free khakis for work anyway (the uniform of all urban cube-dwellers); they might as well have a little stealthy bike-ness hidden underneath. :-)

  • Perry says:

    And on a practical note: I don’t want to turn my pockets inside-out; I need them to keep stuff in.

    Roland, sorry but you totally missed the point. This “feature” is a reflection (no pun intended) of the new financial reality (see your favorite newspaper for details). In very short order, we won’t have anything left to keep in our pockets so why not turn them out? They will reflect light and let everyone know that we are broke and that all that is left of value are the pants themselves–not what’s in the pockets. This is a statement of subtle and intense brilliance. ;-)

  • Croupier says:

    When I played baseball we call those “elephant ears” (pockets on the outside).

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