Mezzo D9 at Folding Society

Mike Hessey has just posted an excellent review of the Mezzo D9 folding bike over at The Folding Society website/blog.

From the review:

We first saw the Mezzo at the Bike Show in London towards the end of 2004, when a number of production prototypes were on display. The bike created immediate interest, as it was a completely new design for a compact folder, owing little to the design of any other folder, and in its folded form it was very compact. At that time there were two models planned, the i4, with a 4-speed Shimano hub gear, and the d9, with a 9-speed derailleur system. It took a few months for the first full production models to reach the market, and initially only the i4 was available, to be followed later in 2005 by the d9.

I really like the looks of this bike, though as far as I know it’s not readily available outside the U.K. (please correct me if I’m wrong).

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