Gallery: Derek’s Electra Ratrod and Red Betty Xtracycles

These bikes were acquired for use as guest bikes. Whenever we had company over, people always wanted to try our cruisers and then didn’t want to get off. It was very cool to see people getting excited about riding bikes, but we wanted to ride too!

These bikes help get us all out there. We are kind of famous around here for our bike double dates – no one ever comes over without wanting to hit the streets with us. They are too much fun to only be used with company so they get pulled into regular rotations for grocery runs, hot dates, and the occasional longboarder tow. —Derek

Extras as shown:
Xtracycle attachment (both bikes)
Neversummer Eclipse Pintail Longboard (ratrod)
Gravity Hypercarve Longboard (red betty)

[Derek is a professional photographer living and working in the Pacific Northwest. You can see his tricked-out, Xtracycled cruisers and other cool bikes at his gorgeous blog, —ed.]

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