Gallery: Derek’s Electra Rat and Pink Fink Xtracycles

These bikes were our original hot date bikes. With no carrying capacity, they were pretty much just limited to heading down to a local eatery for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Since we added the xtracycle we can do a lot more including but not limited to:

  • Loading up for picnics
  • Getting groceries/running errands
  • Nephew hauling
  • Longboard transport
  • Longboarder towing
  • Guest bikes (these two are usually the ones guests will go for first – we always allow double dates first pick)

Extras as shown
Xtracycle attachment (both bikes)
Arbor Koa Pintail (Pink Fink)
Sector 8 Bomb hills not countries (Rat Fink)


[Derek is a professional photographer living and working in the Pacific Northwest. You can see his tricked-out, Xtracycled cruisers and other cool bikes at his gorgeous blog, —ed.]

5 Responses to “Gallery: Derek’s Electra Rat and Pink Fink Xtracycles”

  • Roland Smith says:

    The “professional photographer” bit clearly shows!

  • Steve says:

    Those are beautiful. Do they ride as good as they look? With the 3 speed and coaster brake, how would you like them for a commute of 7-10 miles each way? Or are they best suited for quick errands?

  • derek says:

    Hey Steve, They are super comfortable to ride. One of our neighbors made the comment “it’s like pedaling your favorite easy chair around” Our “bike dates” usually end up in the range of 1-5 miles total, but we ride them around town all day doing errands and such(guessing 6-8 miles) You can get up moderate hills with the 3 speeds, I can do just about any hill with them, but company sometimes has to get off and walk it(on the one hill around here that is fairly steep) We usually just avoid that one though.. As far as commuting that far every day on them, it would mostly depend on if you were in a super hurry or not. You can get going at a fairly good clip(I’ve snuck up and surprised a few roadies on them), but they are mostly for taking your time and smelling the roses along the way :)

  • Dale says:

    Those are really KOOL looking bikes. I wouldn’t have one, but they are VERY good looking bikes. :-)

  • s says:

    nice!! i have just picked up an xtracycle and was considering putting it on my electra indy but with calgary’s never-ending hills and winds i think i would end up pushing more often than not.

    maybe i’ll have to pickup another electra that has some wider gearing? hmmm…

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