Ann & Tara

Ann Steele of Gold Country Cyclery out for a ride with “Tara”, her Silken Windhound

From the Gold Country Blog:

Some of our customers know that we own and breed racing and lure coursing hounds called “Silken Windhounds”. For more information on them visit our kennel website Sciroccohounds.

Back to the subject, our hounds need more exercise than just running about in our back yard. With trikes such as the Greenspeed GT3 that my wife Ann is riding in the picture with Tara in tow, show an excellent platform for exercising both the rider and the hound. The stability of tadpole (two front wheels) trikes provides more assurance that your hound can’t pull you to the side and lose control as you might on a bicycle. Ann has had as many as three hounds leashed to the trike’s rear rack. —Rick

[Greenspeed trikes are popular for touring and commuting as well. —ed.]

3 Responses to “Ann & Tara”

  • andy parmentier says:

    i met a guy in bend, oregon who skateboarded with his dog. some years passed, and somehow found out about THE DOG POWERED bend, oregon
    i totally agree with the trike being perfect for this.
    skijoring comes to mind as well.
    sorry for responding like a yippy mutt to every one of these posts. i wonder what other goodies await my memory bank, mullionaire?

  • andy parmentier says:

    sorry, that’s
    just visited the site and found fresh serendipigoodies.

  • Karen says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ann and Tara when picking up my Surly LHT from Rick. This is a great idea – running the dogs while on trike. I might give that a try with my Catrike Speed (also bought from Rick).

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