A Brompton Fanatic

Photo © Andy Sewell, The Independent

Folding bike fanatics tend to be a dedicated and quirky bunch, but Brompton riders take it to a entirely different level, with some devotees going so far as to profess “a kind of lusty covetousness” for their cherished steeds. The Independent’s Will Self is an admitted B-Boy, and in his article in today’s Independent, he describes how he fell head-over-heels for what he calls “a foldable and fiendishly clever expression of British design genius.”

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5 Responses to “A Brompton Fanatic”

  • Darryl says:

    I’m happy if he’s happy.

    I wish I could have a garage big enough to possess all the representive types of bicycles. (With apologies to T. Bone Walker –
    They call it Brompton Monday, Tuesday I go on my Trek, Wednesday I get lost, Thurday I must get back…, the evil flies with my Rans on Friday … Saturday I go out on my BMX to play, I go to church on my Pashley and I kneel down to pray.

    If I could be so lucky. Alas, I’ll do with the two I have. Meanwhile there is a related article in the Independent regarding the different cycling “tribes,” as the paper put it.
    Here’s the link:

    Happy Riding!

  • John P. says:

    I’ve had a Brompton for just under three years now and I love it. What a versatile little machine it is. I can chuck it in the car boot (trunk?) and take it on the train or bus. When I arrive at my destination it takes less than thirty seconds to unfold and I’m under way again. Wonderful!

    I’ve modified my Brompton a bit to improve the gear range by fitting a Highpath 12/18 chainset at the rear and a Schulmpf Speed Drive at the front. This gives me 12 gears from 24″ to 112″ which makes the hills easier both up and down.

  • Greg says:

    I was on the metro one day and I saw a thin, older man riding a Brommie. He had it in a smallish backpack. I was jealous, for my Dahon is rather large in comparison. He got off at Falls Church… I later pondered, was this Bill Cook of Barcroft recumbents? The world may never know.

  • Alan says:

    Does Bill Cook ride a Brommie? If so, I hadn’t heard that…

  • rb says:

    A true British classic. And the Brompton is nice too! “Bike on bike action”, eh?

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