iPod Bike Speaker

The iHome iH85B is a water-resistant iPod speaker case with handlebar mounted wireless remote control. It accepts most iPod models (other than the Shuffle and Touch) and is designed to fit in a standard water bottle cage. The remote is on a quick release mount for taking inside with you. It looks like a nice alternative to earbuds which are considered dangerous for use on bikes.


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  • Timmy Mac says:

    Oh, me likey! That sombitch is going right on the Chirstmas list.

  • Robb says:


  • Shane says:

    I was just rolling into work with one of these listening to “No Handlebars”. It’s a great little system. It’s no Rock The Bike “Soul Cycle” but it works great for commuting.

    Here it is on my Long Haul Trucker:

  • Shane says:

    Photo didn’t work. Check HERE

  • Thom says:

    I don’t want to start a whole “do you stop at stop signs” type of conversation with this, but if you’re riding in traffic, any sort of headphones or mounted sound system seems really dangerous to me. It’s not equivalent to listening to the radio when you drive a car, I don’t think, because there are so many auditory factors that you need to be more aware of (and *can* be more aware of) when riding a bike. Anything that distracts you on a bike seems like a bad idea, especially if you’re fiddling with a remote, right? What possible use could a remote be for a bike-mounted system? Maybe a sound system would be okay on a dedicated path or nature trail or something, but who wants to be that jerk blaring his music, right? Maybe I’m just grumpy today. Maybe I need another cup of coffee. Whatever.

  • Timmy Mac says:

    I certainly wouldn’t use it in traffic, but on a long, lonely country highway ride? You betcha.

  • andy parmentier says:

    i agree that it’s dangerous in traffic, but ok on lonely country highways and bike paths. i like to think that my brain is my ipod, but it just does’nt hold a tune-or rather, tunes. i think the human brain has been studied in regards to how many tasks or objects it can normally carry simultaneously. i think 8 is the number if i remember correctly.

  • Matt says:

    I often listen to the radio while riding in traffic, but do so in just one ear (my right ear), leaving my traffic-side ear open for aural clues. This has worked out nicely for me, sure wish somebody made a single-bud headphone rather than leaving the spare dangling.

  • Thom says:

    Yeah, but your left side isn’t the only side you need to hear from. If you’re riding in traffic and paying attention to anything but traffic, you’re a hazard to yourself and others. Also, it doesn’t help the image that most motorists have of oblivious cyclists to have earbuds in, even just one. Isn’t riding in traffic enough stimulation without adding other aural stimuli?

  • TAG says:


    Check out wired earphones for cellphones. I’ve seen single-bud ones for sale at my local Best Buy, $15.

    >> This has worked out nicely for me, sure wish somebody made a single-bud headphone rather than leaving the spare dangling.

  • Jeff Anderson says:

    RAGBRAI vendors were getting a 100 bucks for this little gem.

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