KP Biking Ad

Oh my gosh, real people, in real clothes, riding a bike to get somewhere and get something done… and on TV no less! Love the music, love the imagery, love the subtle “bike sharing” message and the broad cross-section of riders too. Pretty cool, even if it’s an ad from an HMO.

[I know, I know, there’s some wrong way riding, but we forgive them – it’s still great to see a little transportational cycling on national television. —ed.]

7 Responses to “KP Biking Ad”

  • MikeOnBike says:

    I’m guessing the wrong-way/sidewalk cycling is artistic license. That way, the motion is depicted from left to right, with a simpler background. It’s all about the visual.

    In that sense, it’s sort of like “closed course, professional driver”.

    That doesn’t excuse the wrong-way cycling, but it might explain why they showed it that way.

  • Croupier says:

    I kinda liked that. If nothing else it teaches us: “Don’t be a dick… give a skater a tow.”

  • andy parmentier says:

    kinda like recycling water thru the long ages of time. but even water needs the natural, swirly patterns of nature to make it happy water. there’s a book about it somewhere. that’s why i recommend bio-pace ha ha

  • Thom says:

    Lord help you if you have an accident and KP is your provider, though. They’ll give you a lecture, write you a prescription, demean you, and send you on your way. Oh, and they don’t have bike parking, either, at least not where we go. Not to be too cynical, but this is just a big company trying to cash in on a currently hip image. Target’s doing the same thing with their “the new commute” spot. That said, I like the guy in the linen suit and I like the bike A LOT!

  • funride says:

    It was great if the real world was like that. Well, I do not know for sure if I would like if some guy took my bike and rode it away :D

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  • meli says:

    yea loved in when i first saw it during the opening Beiging ceremony in earlier in august

    such a lovely cute gadget. that bike is adorable!! love that even crappy bart sneaks in (smeely wool seats – – -eeeew) cutest=ballons old gentleman w/balloons!!! my fave :)

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