I enjoy chatting it up with people I meet on my commute. The number of people considering bike commuting that have no idea how to go about getting started, what kind of equipment it takes, how much it costs, etc., is amazing to me. Frequently our conversations are cut short at the end of our transit trip, and until recently, I’d often find myself scribbling my web address and e-mail on a napkin or business card to continue the conversation online at a later time.

After doing this for the umpteenth time (I can be a little slow), I had the brilliant idea of getting a small run of EcoVelo business cards to hand out to budding bike commuters. I recently ordered some cards online through a neat company called MOO.

There are tons of printers offering super deals on business cards online, but MOO is unique in that they link to your Flickr account and pull images directly from Flickr to be used for your business cards. It’s possible to choose up to 50 different images if you’d like, making practically every card unique. If you limit the number of images, MOO automatically produces the appropriate number of each to fill your order. If you’re a Flickr user, this is a super feature.

The MOO design process is template driven, and I was able to “design” my cards online in less than 5 minutes. Basically, you just indicate which images you’d like on the back of the card, make a couple of color and font choices, and fill-in the text you’d like to appear on the front. The design parameters are pretty limited, but it’s so simple and fast that it’s perfect for this type of application.

I’m not suggesting that every bike commuter carry a business card to hand out to their fellow travelers, but if you’re of the evangelical bike bent, or you happen to have a cycling related website or blog, a pocket full of MOO cards might come in handy.


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  • Perry says:


    This is a great idea. I have done something similar (but not as nice looking as your cards). I made up a DVD and give out to people if they ask me about my recumbent or biking in general. It’s basically a video of me riding through the town with some pop up captions thrown in (anybody remember pop videos?).

    I also tell them that they can contact me by going to 06437 is our town’s zip code so it’s impossible for them to forget the web address. Unfortunately, my town is going backwards. The way it is being developed is discouraging people from cycling so I am getting less and less inquiries during the last few years.

    Oh well!

  • Swizz... says:


    They look really nice Al – commuters will be collecting them & trading swaps on their lunchbreak ;>D

  • Alan says:


    I love the DVD idea Perry; the zip code URL is clever as well (and yes, I remember pop-up videos :-)).

    I’m surprised you’re getting fewer inquiries, but I can relate to bike-unfriendly development (aka urban sprawl); we have plenty around these parts. I was thinking that since you’re in a small town, it might also be the fact that everyone that’s interested has already approached you (?).


    PS – Saw your post today and forwarded to a few friends. Took a pit bull to bring you out of retirement from blogging eh? ;-)

  • Alan says:


    Thanks Swizz. I tried to give one to a friend recently and asked her to choose the one she liked from a group of 5; she sheepishly asked for all of them. They’re not so cheap that I can afford to give 5 to everyone who asks! :-)


  • Perry says:


    I am not sure about what is going on in my town. Maybe you’re right that everyone who thought to ask has done so already.

    As for the pit bull, don’t get me started. I don’t want to inject politics into your blog so I will leave it that.

  • Apertome says:

    Great idea. I’ve thought about having something like that printed. We had Moo postcards printed for our save the date cards for our wedding, and they did a great job on them.

    On an unrelated noted, I saw the “Moo” title and thought about cows. I moo at them as I ride past. I also moo at horses, dogs, turkeys, and rednecks. They aren’t always amused.

  • beth says:

    I use the MOO mini-cards, which are easy to carry on the bike and memorable when handed out.

  • Scott Elias says:

    I love Moo, but really did not care for the teeny cards and postcards they made before.
    Thanks to your post, I cruised over to the site again because I didn’t realize that they’d started making cards in the “traditional” business card size!

    I don’t get any inquiries on my commute, but I have been thinking of “personal” cards for quite a while. This may push me over the edge to order some…

  • Andrea says:

    Wow, this is wonderful and exactly what I was thinking of doing! I am constantly stopped by people asking how I started bike commuting and how they can get started or what kind of bike they should get. I’ve been bike commuting in and around DC for over a decade now and never received this sort of attention. Several times in the past few weeks I’ve found myself handing over my business card to people so that they could contact me with further questions or get on the local listserv for advice (the last time I did this was on Friday morning). Anyway, I am going to create something too. It’s happening enough to warrant it! There is nothing more inspiring to me than a possible “conversion.”

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