Gallery: Steve’s Barcroft Virginia

This is my 2000 Barcroft Virginia. It’s one of the very earliest and it’s still going strong after eight years. This is also after one Boston Montreal Boston, well almost, had to drop at mile 650 out of 750 due to injury. Since I work out of my house she is used for errands and just having fun.

Adds, Carradice bag, teflon cable covers (they are yellow) to keep moisture out of brake and shifter cables both on steerer tube and under the beam. Also running a 56 big ring. Needed it for the down hills here in NH :) She is due for a new mesh seat back, on order and a new idler also on the way. You’ll notice I had to extend the computer wire myself. It was put on before there were longer wires for ‘bents. I could upgrade, but it works fine, so why? —Steve

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