Gallery: Kevin’s Mongoose Tyax Comp

I bought this bike new in the spring. May, I think, and have ridden it everyday since. It is a Mongoose Tyax Comp. Aluminum frame, disc brakes, Shimano gearing group. I have added a rack of unknown type. Found it in the attic in the shop.

It also has a TerraCycle accessory mount with double extenders on the handle bar for a triple light set and a Terracycle Randonneuring light mount on the front fork. Planet Bike taillights. Kenda Flame tires. 26X2.125. (Thick and smooth for street riding.) I just put on the Paul Sykes Mahogany fenders today. I average 5-8 miles a day. I also use Axiom Typhoon panniers. —Kev

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  • Croupier says:

    You have that thing decked out. I used to ride BMX for Mongoose (as a racer and later a dirt jumper) in the early and mid-90s. They certainly seem to offer something for everyone nowadays (at every price point, even a CF frame road bike). Who’da thunk it?

  • Swizz... says:

    The fenders a nice touch Kevin, which after noticing your frame decals reminded me that the Model B replica up the road from us usual rides without any!

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