Gallery: Tamia’s Surly Long Haul Trucker

I lusted after a LHT for years and finally bought the complete bike in April. Dubbed Petra, she’s the first bike that has fit me very well. Having been car-free for five years, I cycle everywhere for utility purposes as well as for pleasure and good health, and I’m building up to the point where I can try randonneuring. As a full-time freelance writer, my commute is only from the coffee pot to my desk at home, but almost every trip out is done by bike. Because the nearest town of any size is 12 miles away, a grocery and wine trip makes for a good workout, especially in these northern Adirondack winters, and because it’s all uphill (and usually into the wind) back home. (I’ve written on my website about my methods for using grocery panniers and a kiddie trailer for shopping trips, so won’t reproduce photos or descriptions here.)

Of course, I made modifications to the stock build. In doing this, my goal was to balance economy with functionality. The most notable alterations are:

  • Nitto Noodle, 44cm and Dimension 75 mm, 125 degree rise, glossy black stem
  • MKS Touring pedals, boxy plastic toe clips and nylon straps
  • Schwalbe Marathon HR tires (26″ x 1.5″)
  • Black plastic Zefal MTB fenders which I’ll swap for something classier in time
  • I know it’s blasphemous not to own a Brooks (lovely and traditional as they are), I mounted a Sella SMP Strike Extra saddle, men’s model (I like its narrower dimensions over the women’s model). No other saddle has ever been so comfortable.
  • Rear rack, alloy, black, from Nashbar, rated for 70 kgs, and it’s strong as an ox
  • Pletcsher two-legged kickstand — makes a great workstand on the road
  • Transit-Pro bar bag
  • German Ultra Light bike mirror
  • Zefal HP-X frame pump, mounted between chainstays and port-side seat stay (see picture)
  • Silver Incredibell mounted on top tube at furthest point forward (see picture) because the strap wouldn’t wrap around the spacers
  • Three black Nashbar waterbottle cages
  • VDO MC1.0 wired cyclometer (to see how much altitude I gain!) (see photo)
  • Sigma Quadro front light  (for now) and a Cateye reflector-blinkie-tail light
  • Various panniers, trunks, and bags, and I just love my Profile Designs snack pack, mounted on the top tube just abaft the stem

I’ve been enjoying the entries from folks who read your blog. It’s great that so widely diverse a group of cyclists can join to form a community this way. Thanks for your efforts to that end. —Tamia

[Visit Tamia’s Outside Up North blog. —ed.]

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  • Bob Gong says:

    Tamia, Alan,
    thanks for both of your posts and blogs. Sharing ideas and information like you do really help foster a community I am happy to be a part of…. Keep up the great work!


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