Gallery: Don’s Moulton ATB & Falcon

I got my Moulton ATB (circa 1989) this year, thinking it would be my all-around town bike and occasional commuter. The ride is great—fast, comfortable and nimble—and it can carry a ton of load (including my dog). It has Reynolds 531 tubing and a mix of Shimano components. Unfortunately, my town is New York City and the bike gets too much unwanted attention from would-be interlopers so can’t be left anywhere.

Recently, I got a beat-up Falcon bike from the early 70’s which I converted into a single speed.  It also rides great – can’t beat the old British steel. Hopefully no one will steal this one – I bought a lock that cost more than the bike itself. —Don

6 Responses to “Gallery: Don’s Moulton ATB & Falcon”

  • Alan says:


    Your dog is super-cute.


  • Orri Ingthorsson says:

    Indeed he is, and tought to howl on command he could even function as a siren! Really fitting for your ambulance-yellow bicycle.


  • Jennifer says:

    Love the bikes! Old school geometry on the Falcon rocks. What is the model name?

  • jj says:

    Hey! I saw Don when we were visiting NYC last month and loved his bike so much I took a picture…I meant to do some research to find out more about it. Guess I don’t have to now!

  • Don says:

    Wow, small world — thanks, jj. jennifer, i think the falcon is a san remo model.

  • Mary B says:

    I love your Moulton ATB bike and its color. The dog in the basket is extra cute!

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