We did it. With your help, the EcoVelo Gallery now contains 100 bikes. I must say, I’m pleased and impressed with the level of participation. In a little over a month we went from 17 to 100 bikes in the Gallery. And I’m downright ecstatic about the tremendous variety of bikes that were sent in; what an eclectic mix! I find it endlessly fascinating to see how people are using their bikes to meet their transportation needs.

Many, many thanks to all those who have submitted a bike so far. Let’s keep right on going and build this out into something even bigger and better. I’m estimating that I have well over 2500-3000 regular readers at this point; I’m not going to rest until we have at least one bike in the Gallery for every person that visits the site!

Now, on to business. I’ll be drawing the names for the pedal giveaway within the next few days. Once I’ve drawn the first batch of names, I’ll contact the winners to make sure they want the pedals. If they do, I’ll ship the pedals right away. If, by chance, someone doesn’t need the pedals, I’ll draw another name from the hat. I’m still running a few days behind on posting Gallery submissions; if you’ve already sent in photos, no worries—your name will be included in the drawing.

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