Gallery: Michael’s Bacchetta Ti Aero

Here are some shots of my Ti Aero. It’s my randonneuring bike, but I use it just as often for riding to work and stopping by the grocery store on my way home. It’s even taken me on a few self-supported 4 day tours, carrying my tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, food, and clothes. Because lights, fenders, and cargo capacity are pretty much mandatory for them, randonneuring bikes are extremely practical for going long distances, whether you do it all in one go or you do it in bite-sized chunks. These shots are a couple years old; the bike doesn’t look quite this clean after having done two 1200’s, a 1000, a couple Super Randonneur series, and a couple RAO’s since I took them. The project for the winter will be to convert it to use 26″ tires, which with the Panaracer Evo Extreme 2 tire (great rubber!) available in 559 x 32, should make it faster and more plush at the same time. It goes without saying that the 559 tire size also ups the practicality factor. —Michael

Current specs:

  • Crankset: Ultegra triple
  • BB: Dura-ace
  • Front derailleur: Ultegra triple
  • Rear derailleur: Ultegra triple
  • Cassette: Ultegra 12-27 9 speed
  • Brakes: Avid BB-7 disc (front), Bacchetta dual pivot (rear)
  • Shifters: Dura-ace bar con 9 speed
  • Brake levers: Avid SL
  • Wheels: SON 28 (front), Shimano 105 (rear) CXP-33 rims
  • Tires: Terry Tellus (Panaracer version)
  • Terracycle idler & cable guides
  • Runs fenders (not shown) by default these days
  • Carries Radical Solo seat bag and Radical Lowracer side pods

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2 Responses to “Gallery: Michael’s Bacchetta Ti Aero”

  • andy parmentier says:

    i love the seats on these types of bents. also seen on tadpole trikes. easy racer’s new carbon rush has a seat like this.
    it reminds me of the toddler’s “don’t pick me up” posture-back arched, and leaning backwards.
    and somewhere i put a positive grown up spin on that posture-that i am a kid at heart, don’t pick me up and put me in an office building.

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