California Dreamin’

Today’s the first day in at least a week that my knee actually feels good enough to tempt me back on the bike for a spin around the block. The last time I tested it, I made it exactly three blocks, turned around, came home and proceeded to hobble around for the next four days. I’d probably be wise to heed that lesson and give the knee a few more days of rest to avoid another set-back. Oh well, it’s 100 degrees out there anyway; maybe I’ll stay in here where it’s cool, sip some iced tea, and type a blog post while I dream of happy knees and cool breezes (here’s that blog post).

Did I say I’m missing bike riding?

6 Responses to “California Dreamin’”

  • Perry says:

    Alan, I truly hope that you can ride all the miles you desire…and soon. It’s ironic that you bring us so much cycling joy through your blog but are too hobbled to enjoy a nice ride yourself.

  • Alan says:

    Thanks Perry. I’m on the mend, just need to be patient.

  • Issac says:

    Can you find a physical therapist for a quick exam and a little advice? Therapists can be very helpful with a rehab exercise schedule and also strengthening exercises and stretches that can help prevent re-injury.

  • Alan says:


    I’m currently on a program of rest, ice, stretching, and strengthening exercises as recommended by my doctor. This leg was broken in multiple places many years ago and the issues I’m having may be related to the old injury. I may have to get with a sports medicine specialist here pretty quick if I can’t take care of it on my own.


  • Kevin says:

    Hi Alan,
    Sorry to hear about the knee!
    Out of curiosity…I thought I saw where you were selling the recumbent and riding the upright more,
    with an older leg injury compounding the problem, do you think this change could also have been a factor?

  • Alan says:


    Hi Kevin,

    I don’t think the change from upright to bent was a factor – I’ve had problems with my knees in the past on various platforms. Besides the old injuries, it probably mostly has to do with imperfect bike set-up and riding almost everyday for 4 months straight. Before I went car-lite, I was taking longer rides, but less frequently, with rest days interspersed. When I started using the bike as my primary transportation (along with transit), I took far fewer rest days. Once I’m healed, I’m going to pay closer attention and work in regular rest days to give the muscles and tendons time to repair themselves.

    Thanks for the support-

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