LAB Bike Friendly States

The League of American Bicyclists has announced their ranking of Bicycle Friendly States:

The League of American Bicyclists has announced our first annual ranking of Bicycle Friendly States, scoring all 50 states on more than 70 factors. The states were scored on responses to a questionnaire evaluating their commitment to bicycling and covering 6 key areas: legislation; policies and programs; infrastructure; education and encouragement; evaluation and planning; and enforcement. The highest and lowest scoring states overall were:

Top 5
1. Washington
2. Wisconsin
3. Arizona
4. Oregon
5. Minnesota

Bottom 5
46. North Dakota
47. Mississippi
48. Alabama
49. Georgia
50. West Virginia

Read the full story on the LAB website

One Response to “LAB Bike Friendly States”

  • 2lf says:

    I hope next year they release a ‘most improved’ list along with the rankings. I just returned from a trip in Iowa and I was very pleased how bike friendly it was, much friendlier than my home state of North Carolina, yet Iowa ranked lower. Sure there are more “share the road” signs here in NC. But only because so many of the roads in NC are unsuited to bikes and drivers generally do not like cyclists.

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