Gallery: Joe’s Bianchi Castro Valley

This is a 2006 Bianchi Castro Valley commuter/cross bike that I commute on daily. It has had a few changes from stock..

  • I added Pinhead Locking Skewers on the wheels and seat, since I lock it up outside.
  • Jandd Standard Rear Rack, for carrying my Ortlieb Office bag, along with groceries or the occasional tour.
  • Pauls Touring Brakes replaced the stock Cane Creeks since it rains so much here, I needed some extra stopping power.
  • I put on a 12/32 cassette to help with the hills here in town.
  • The bike comes with a generator front hub and that is nice when you come home later than expected and do not have your really bright head light.
  • And I swapped out the stock fork for a Ritchey Carbon.

This bike is a trooper, in the winter it gets studded Kenda Klondike tires for commuting in the ice and snow, even a cruiser handle bar for easier shifting and braking with gloves on.

It was a great bike to begin with, coming stock with only one front chainring and no provisions for a front deraileur, but with a few changes this thing has been unstoppable for 2 years now as my daily commuter for work along with many other rides. —Joe

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