Gallery: Jeremy’s Longtail

Well, this isn’t the end of the list of my bikes, but I think it’ll the end of my submissions for a while. My wonderful wife bought me a free-radical kit that I added to my do-it-all trek commuter bike. I originally rebuilt the bike about 4 years ago and it was the bike that got me into bike commuting. 4 years back I replaced the whole drive train and it was minty fresh again. Christmas 2007, my wife gave me what I thought I would never get. A free-radical. It was very difficult for her to find and have shipped. At the time there must have been a shortage, because she searched for over 2 weeks just to find one.

Nothing fancy to speak to and I even forget the line I’m running for drive train. It needs some serious work, and last night I was riding home from Lions meeting, and I was reminded of that. To the point that my bike wouldn’t even stay in gear anymore. It was dark, windy and I just opted to coast home instead of diving into what the failure was. I’m not even going to try to fix it. I’ve got about 1/2 the parts I want to put a new drive train on, so I’m going to wait and do a complete re-built on it. I’m even looking for a larger frame to mate the long tail to. The current one is fine for running around here and there, but not for long distances. I’ve never taken this to work, just because it’s 26 miles one way and I think I’d hate that on this bike the way it’s set up. I’m hoping my new set up will change all that.

 I’ve used it for hauling tools around while building an office for someone in the village I live, hauling tickets and programs for our local rodeo, Chinese takeout and kids. Kids are the best to haul on here. Mostly just because they’re so great to be around, but it’s so fun to see them laughing and enjoying the same thing I do, bicycles. —Jeremy

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2 Responses to “Gallery: Jeremy’s Longtail”

  • Duane says:

    beautiful bike. i especially like the shot of it in the snow. must be tricky to balance the rear packs though for stability in snow, yes?

  • Jeremy says:

    Thanks. The bike actually handles really well, even fully loaded, thanks to the Schwable Snow Stud tires I run in the winter. Cheers.

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