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Gallery: Jim’s Raleigh

My old lug frame Raleigh 27″ I rescued from someones trash about two years ago. All the components were junk, but the frame was OK. I stripped it down to shiny metal and painted it gloss black. I then built new wheels, after reading Sheldon Brown’s wheel building instruction and spoke calculator . I ordered parts online, 27″ Nashbar rims, Shimano Nexus 8 hub, DT Swiss double butted spokes, Tektro brakes, stem extender, Shimano crank set, etc. Since I retired, I ride it daily. I have also a recumbent and a mountain bike, but the old Raleigh is used the most. It is a great ride. I really like it better than all the new bikes I have had, and there have been many. My car is seldom used, only when I need too far or haul something too large to fit in a fanny pack or back pack. One day I may build up another bike, maybe a 29er with a Rohlhoff and drop bars. They need to make internal gear shifters for drop bars!! —Jim

A Different Kind of Bike Tour

In today’s Wall Street Journal:

High gas prices and growing environmental concerns are making more home buyers interested in bicycle-friendly neighborhoods. Seeing a market, some real-estate agents have traded their suits for spandex and are leading clients from house to house on two wheels instead of four.

I like the idea, though the author could have left out the spandex comment. The implication that people need to “suit up” to take a home tour is downright silly and might even be a little off-putting to people that don’t know you can actually ride a bike in street clothes (even a suit).

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Gallery: Tobias’s MTB Cycletech Oxymoron

This is a Oxymoron Bike from MTB Cycletech. This is a Swiss company that is specialized in Touring Bikes but also makes really great Mountain and Allround Bikes. The Oxymoron has a very light steel frame and the has the geometry of a racing bike and the robustness of a Mountain Bike. It’s equipped with Shimano XT components and DT Swiss wheels.

Together with the Chariot CX2 carrier we use the bike every day to bring our 2 year old child to daycare (about 2km away) and for all our shopping. The CX2 is a really great carrier which is very light and solid. It’s also great to cycle to a nice spot and then to transform the Chariot into a pushchair and to go on by foot. It’s really a very functional pushchair especially for two kids. It also has a great suspension that also makes it possilbe to cycle on a gravel road without your child having a shaking trauma.

I often go for a little tour in the mountains after dropping of my boy at daycare. This is around 7 o’clock in the morning when it is still very dark in winter, so I have equipped the bike with the Lupine Wilma LED Lightset ¬†which turns night into day. This is really a great piece of equipment. Thanks to the LED lights the battery runs almost forever (2 hours 45 with 15W, 28 hours with 1W).

Greetings! —Tobias

Blog Love

Two of my favorite cycling blogs are Bike Hugger and Cyclelicious. Both are staples of my daily blog fix and sit at the top of my RSS bike feeds. So you can only imagine my surprise and excitement at finding EcoVelo on Bike Hugger’s Top-Ten Bike Blog List (assembled for As if that wasn’t enough, Cyclelicious gave EcoVelo a big shout out today. I’m feeling all warm-and-fuzzy with all this blog love going around…

The Epicurean Cyclist

Russ Roca (The eco-friendly bicycling photographer of Long Beach) just started a new video blog titled The Epicurean Cyclist: Wool, Twine and All Things Fine in Cycle Touring:

If you prefer wool to polyester, twine to electrical tape and friction to index shifting, then there’s a good chance you might like this site.

I’ll be writing about bike camping and touring and talk about some of the things I like. It’s not for everybody. You might think some of the stuff is outdated, quaint or over-priced. That’s fine too.

This site won’t be perfect and I won’t be able to tell you everything about everything that’s out there and I may get some things wrong on occasion, but I just want to talk about some stuff I’ve used that I like and would recommend to a good friend.

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Brooks: An English Icon of Cycling

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