Gallery: Jeremy’s Snow Bike

Okay, okay, I’ve got a bike problem. I know, but I will not seek help for it. Here is a bike I purchased from Dave Nice this spring. Kona HUMUHUMU-NUKUNUKU-APUA’A frame, with a Pugsly front fork. The frame was modified by generic cycles in Denver and just barely gets the job done. The wheels are made up of Phil hubs (rear being a fixed/fixed — 18/20) and the rims of course are the Large Marge Rims and I don’t know about the spokes. The from chain ring is a 22 tooth, with a beat up set of 4 bolt crank arms. Come to think of it, the whole bike is pretty beat up. I guess that’s why I got such a deal on it.

Anyway, I’ve taken the bike camping, and it’s a blast in the mud. Works great for hauling my sons on the front rack as well as beer. I’ve even used it to haul jerry cans of gas to power my lawn mower. The true test for this bike, and the reason I bought it, is for the snow. I can’t report on how it performs in that realm right now, but the season shall soon enough be here. This bike is huge. I’m 6’2” and my road fixie is a 62cm frame and fits like a glove. This bike feels big to me. There’s almost 13” clearance from the ground to the bottom bracket!!! Yup, get out of the way, snow bike is coming through. —Jeremy

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4 Responses to “Gallery: Jeremy’s Snow Bike”

  • Perry says:

    Oh Mama! Them tires kick a**.

  • Rick says:

    I don’t know why, but this one has made me smile the most so far! I think it was the seat that really topped it off…Very nice bike!

  • andy parmentier says:

    those tires are super low pressure for lots of float-“ice-cream float”

  • Jeremy says:

    Thanks. I call that seat my old lady seat. For obvious reasons.

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