Gallery: Jeremy’s Volae Expedition

This is my recumbent. Nothing special, just a stock 2006 Volae Expedition. I bought this bike for my 26 mile one way commute. It works well for that. I can carry what I need, and after spending 3 hrs in the saddle, I am not at all sore at the end of a day.

This bike is also fast! I’ve got a set of 1” tires I run when I’m feeling sporty. I made the 26 mile trip home in 1hr 6 minutes a few months ago. That’s an average speed of over 25 miles per hour. All that while laying down on an “old guy bike”? Yeah, recumbents do certainly have  a place in the cycling world. Something you never really know until you try.

This bike doesn’t have character like some of my others, and I’m somehow not really attached to it, but when I ride it, I always have a huge grin on my face. —Jeremy

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6 Responses to “Gallery: Jeremy’s Volae Expedition”

  • Ian M. Camera says:

    When I get to be an “old guy” will my “old guy bike” finally go that fast? :-)

  • Jim Lay says:

    There must be some engine attached to that 2006 Expedition – my 2005 doesn’t go nearly that fast!! (although I love the bike!)

  • Emitt D. Dixon says:

    I have just one question, can you bike carry a watermelon plus about $40 worh of groceries and we;ew talking at a jump og a minute?

  • Jeremy says:

    I find that when riding a bent, my mindset is very different. I have to constantly force myself to hammer. If not, I’m lolly-gaging. On my ride home, there is a 500ft elevation drop.

    The day I set my personal record, I had a really strong tail wind. That makes for a fast bike regardless of what it is you’re riding. Pump up the pressure as high as possible, lay down as much as possible, and stay just this side of puking and you’ve got the makings of a quick trip home.


  • Hercule says:

    My mindset is also different riding my recumbent (trike). I just lie back and admire the scenery and watch the clouds. Occasionally I even look where I am going. I came to recumbents thinking that it was all about going fast, but really it’s about chilling out and being uber-cool. So the local kids tell me anyway!

  • Jeremy says:

    I concur. That is what it’s all about. Do you also notice that people wave at you a lot? I get waived to way more on the Volae than any other bike. A friend of mine who ride trikes thinks it’s because your face is more visible to them on a bent rather than a DF bike. They sure are great bikes to ride though!

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