Gallery: Jeremy’s Raleigh Record Fixie

Here is bike #2 of my quiver.

Old Raleigh Record Frame (70’S???) that I originally bought at a church sale for 5 bucks. After it hanging in my garage for 6 months, I figured I would send it off and put it at the leave it or take it rack at the local recycling facility. The next day, the bike was gone (I can see the yard from my office window).

Fast forward 4 months and the incredible urge to build my first fixie was upon me. I headed to the recycling yard to see if I could find a frame suitable. Low and behold, that old Raleigh Record was sitting there again. Only this time, it had been tuned and had new rubber. Don’t know what happened to it while I was away, but I liked it.

I stripped everything, rattle-canned the frame and built it up with a decent set of wheels (Paul hubs, Alex rims, and DT Swiss 16ga Stainless Spokes) chopped and flopped the bars, and a cheapo 45 tooth chain ring and cranks with a Surly 17 tooth track cog on back. Added a new WTB saddle and FSA seat post to clean it up a little. Finally I had to add a Surly tug-nut so I could open my beer. Just kidding, that’s for keeping a tight chain. However it has served well for the former.

After two years of riding this bike and being forced to wear a back pack to carry anything, I decided I’d try my hand at brazing, and built the minimalist rear rack that’s on it now. The rack works great, plenty of clearance between the panniers and my big feet and is holding up just fine. I figured I could go light, being as it’s a skinny tired fixed gear with no brakes. It’s not like I’d ever really load this bike up with anything, just enough to get me clean and fed at work.

This bike is my favorite and is like an old faithful friend to me. Never let me down. Rain or Shine, Snow or Dust. —Jeremy

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  • andrew says:

    Hey, I just stumbled on this while looking up my old bike, a Raleigh Record! I was actually looking to take it from a 12 speed to a fixie as well. I’ve never done a build and wasn’t really sure how do go about changing the bike up. Did you have to get any special parts/do any major adjustments to the frame? I’m a poor medical student at the moment, so I’d like to do it on the cheap, how much did this stuff cost? (I don’t think I’d repaint it, tho.)


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