Gallery: Jeremy’s Specialized Sequoia

I’ve attached some photos of my recently acquired Specialized Sequoia. I believe it to be a 1996 model made with Specialized Double-butted tubing. Specs are not too spectacular, just good quality older stuff. I added the B-17 for obvious reasons as well as the Nitto Technomic quill and a set of Vintage Nitto bars I found. Literally found in a recycling yard. The 1/2 step gearing is kind of weird and something that I will definitely change. The bike is border line too small for me, but with the help of the tall Nitto, I’m making it work for now. Drive train is Shimano 600, and the brakes are Dia-comp Royal Gran Compe 500.

This bike is one in my rotation of cycles that I use to commute to work and back, which is 26 miles each way. Usually I ride there, drive home, and visa versa. This bike is most noted for its incredibly smooth ride. This is by far the smoothest riding bike I’ve ever been on. I think the next step for this bike is some nicer, classic racks and some classier panniers or a nice seat bag. —Jeremy

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2 Responses to “Gallery: Jeremy’s Specialized Sequoia”

  • Graham says:

    I’d recommend sticking with the half-step-plus-granny gearing. It’s great for making swift efficient progress once you get used to it. Admittedly downtube shifters whilst period, don’t do half step gearing justice as you need to change gears frequently to keep your pedal cadence constant. I have my Moulton set up with half-step gearing controlled through STIs and it works very well – even if Shimano will tell you it shouldn’t.

    Bar end levers would keep the classic looks whilst still making the gearing usable.

  • Jeremy says:

    Hey Thanks for the input. I finally found a decent set of bars ends that might make their way to the bike. The one thing I like with the down tube shifters though, is that shifting isn’t just super easy. It forces me to think whether or not I really need to shift. “Can I push this a little longer until the hill crests?, Can I spin this a little more until that incline starts” Those thoughts are ones that I like to have. In my mind, they’re forcing me to do different training exercises while on my bike. Not just opt for whatever feels easiest. We’ll see.

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