Gallery: Derek’s Electra Rat Rod w/Xtracycle Conversion

Our Electra Rat Rod with Xtracycle conversion. This bike was originally acquired for use as a guest bike. Whenever we had company over, people always wanted to try our cruisers and then didn’t want to get off. It was very cool to see people getting excited about riding bikes, but we wanted to ride too!

This was one of the bikes we bought so everybody could ride. It was too much fun to just sit when we didn’t have guests, so it gets pulled into regular rotations for grocery runs, hot dates and the occasional longboarder tow. —Derek

Extras (as pictured)
Neversummer Eclipse Pintail Longboard
Xtracycle trailer attachment
Serfas TL 1000 taillights(4)

[Derek is a professional photographer living and working in the Pacific Northwest. You can see his tricked-out, Xtracycled cruisers and other cool bikes at his gorgeous blog, —ed.]

3 Responses to “Gallery: Derek’s Electra Rat Rod w/Xtracycle Conversion”

  • ortonauta says:

    Beatiful ride! and nice long board, I want one now!

  • Andreçao says:

    Yours is the nicest “Xtracycled” bicycle I´ve ever seen (even more than mine). In some of the pics I can see that you mount an Electra Fatti-o rear tyre. I never guessed a 3″ inch tyre could fit in an Xtracycle. Do you have any problems with it? I´m using a pair of 26×2,35″ Kenda K-Rads now and as I can see it´s hardly possible to mount wider tyres (2,50″ as much) because of the little clearance within the upper stays. Another problem i find is that sometimes the tyre pulls the chain down in gear 1-1. I imagine you don´t have that problem with geared hubs but my conventional derailleurs have that nasty custom.
    As I´m thinking about changing the “front part” of my Xtracyle for something similar to your Electra Rad Rod I´d like to ask something to you, that have one.
    Does the 24×3″ fit really well in the Xtracycle?

  • ratrod says:

    wow…maybe you can modify it more unique again … that’s already became unique bike- ratrod

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