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  • andy parmentier says:

    windy electricity mystery beauty

  • Roland Tanglao says:

    is this live or memorex :-)? i.e. is the light from the headlights real and if so what lighting system is it? inquiring minds want to know :-) !

  • Alan says:


    It’s all real – Photoshop was not used in the process. The lights are a pair of Fenix L2D’s – one on the bike and one in my hand:

    Fenix L2D


  • Roland Tanglao says:

    great! thanks for the tip, i wonder if the fenix light is available at a bike shop in vancouver, canada, time to check that out!

  • Alan says:

    Hi Roland,

    It’s unlikely you’ll find Fenix lights in bike shops – they’re marketed as flashlights. You can purchase them online through the Fenix Store:

    Fenix Store


  • Roland Tanglao says:

    thanks Alan! I will buy it from Fenix online store

  • derek says:

    Beautiful photos!!

  • Alan says:


    Thanks Derek – that means a lot coming from you! (Derek’s an amazing photographer: Bike Rubbish)

  • Alan says:


    Make sure you purchase a bike mount to go with it – the mount is not included with the light.


  • Roland Tanglao says:

    alan, thanks for the tip, will buy bike mount and will blog about it, looking forward to having a decent amount of light during those many many rainy, flat light vancouver winter days!

  • Craig Miller says:

    For those who already have a mini-mag light, there are LED conversions which are pretty bright:

    I have converted all my mini-mags to these (amazing how many I had laying around the house).

    Good stuff Alan!


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