Wedding Photography Goes Green

Photo © Hyperfocus Wedding Photography

Hyperfocus Wedding Photography of Vancouver, B.C., recently conducted their first car-free photo shoot using a Bakfiets for transportation:

The first item our Green transportation initiative involved our first ever wedding photographed using a bicycle for transporting us and our gear. This was really great fun! With the help of Victor Cuevas at Rain City Bikes, who is the Vancouver specialist in Dutch bicycles, we managed to get ourselves set up with a Dutch bike called the Bakfiets Box Bike, now this is one cool bike! It is basically a bicycle with a large (good looking) wooden box on the front which can officially hold up to 200lbs …

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2 Responses to “Wedding Photography Goes Green”

  • andy parmentier says:

    i became a kris holm fan (world’s best unicyclist) and found out he got married recently. he’s canadian from b.c. he had posted his wedding pics. vancouver-where hungarians, chinese, scots, many others have landed-ellis island of the northwest coast.

  • Vancouver wedding photographer says:

    Major kudos to the folks at Hyperfocus for capturing a wedding while using a bicycle as transport! That’s impressive!

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