No Gasoline Concert Tour

Peter Mulvey’s hitting the road on his RANS Stratus for another car-free concert tour:

From September 10-20, Milwaukee singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey will again take to his bike for a concert tour around Southeast Wisconsin. This year’s No Gasoline Tour ’08 will follow a route similar to his September 2007 tour [see video], with a victory lap planned for early October in the Netherlands (he will not be biking to the Netherlands, just around them).

Peter has calculated that by biking, rather than driving, the roughly 535 miles to the seven shows on this Wisconsin tour — with mileage ranging from 35 to 95 biked miles a day — he will save .15 metric tons of CO2. While that might not sound like much, take a closer look: a typical seven-show tour for Peter involves driving close to 3,000 miles, and/or an airplane flight, all of which ultimately emit roughly one full metric ton of CO2. Peter typically does 15 or 20 of those tours a year. So on this tour, he’s saving .15 metric tons vs. emitting one ton, so let’s go for broke and say he’s actually saving 1.15 tons by leaving the car at home. 

Add to that the emission savings banked by the performers who will be opening Peter’s shows: Brianna Lane (Sept. 10-13 shows) and Antje Duvekot are (Sept. 18-20 shows) will also be biking alongside Peter on their show days. Peter will have other friends joining him on rides along this tour and his final day’s ride from Fort Atkinson to Milwaukee will be larger and organized to raise money for the Urban Ecology Center.

The tour is sponsored by Wheel & Sprocket, who have set Peter up with a Rans recumbent bicycle and custom aluminum guitar-carrying rack (courtesy of W&S mechanic Bob Jung). That means no extra trailer to pull this year.

4 Responses to “No Gasoline Concert Tour”

  • edde says:

    Hey All,

    Another bicycle powered band, the Ginger Ninjas, are on the road, too. They’ll be in Denver and eventually get down to Florida. Just finished a Mexico concert trip.

    We expect them in T-town Nov 4th.


  • Molnar says:

    One-way street? Reversed photo? Tour of Australia? Or (horrors!) riding on the wrong side of the road?

  • andy parmentier says:

    i got my first recumbent while still living in milwaukee. my red tour easy..8 miles out to lake shore drive. took that high speed catamaran ferry from michigan back to milwaukee.
    that is such a cool rack. i’m not a musician, but i dribble-drum with a medicine ball, and sing a lot on my bike.

  • Alexander López says:

    Oh my God!! I’m a bassist and always been worrying about how to carry my axe while on a bike. This guitar rack looks so good and useful it ignited a bright light in my head. Thank you for posting this news!

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