Gallery: Yanek’s Specialized Globe

Your blog is great and very inspiring! My name is Yanek and I am a Typo/Graphic designer and bike commuter from Israel. This is my 2004 Specialized Globe. I ride it 3 days a week from home to work about 13 km each direction. I live in the suburbs of Tel Aviv and my studio is located right in the center of Tel Aviv. It takes me about 37 min to get to the studio; by car it takes about an hour stacked in the traffic, not to mention to find parking. The bike is very nice and easy to ride. It has a front and rear light, a comfortable saddle, and even a built-in wheel lock which makes it difficult for thieves. Sometimes it reminds me of a classical European city bike, but it’s much more equipped. —Yanek

7 Responses to “Gallery: Yanek’s Specialized Globe”

  • Alexander López says:

    That wheel lock is something I haven’t seen before! Did you installed or it was fitted with the bike?

  • Yanek Iontef says:

    Its original, came with the bike.

  • Louis says:

    You find these locks on Dutch bikes very often, but also on other European bikes.

  • Roland Smith says:

    A well-known maker of these framelocks is AXA,e.g. the Axa defender.

    Some modern framelocks can also hold a special chain for fixing the bike to a lamppost or bike-rack.

  • Ows says:

    A quick note on my Specialized Globe City 6: bought it on Thursday, destroyed the left pedal and crank shaft on Sunday.
    Totally destroyed the thread, bike shop to repair and refit during next week.

  • Alan says:

    What happened??

  • Ows says:

    It was a combination of bike shop foolishness and a lack on concentration on my part!
    They’d covered the pedal thread in a while silicone lubricant – and because of that, getting the thread aligned was cumbersome. The thread slipped, and I screwed the unit into the crank shaft on an angle. This morning saw me take it out for the first ‘good’ ride, and within 30mins, the pedal had totally stripped itself of thread…

    Honestly Alan, I could happily throw that bike off a big cliff right now…

    .. but I won’t!

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