Gallery: Jim’s Surly Cross Check & Brompton M

My two go to the store bikes. I don’t commute so they don’t fit into that category but they are both used for running errands to the Post Office, video store, grocery and other like tasks.

The Surly Cross Check is set up with Albatross bars and a Brook B67 saddle. Until recently it had Nitto drop bars but I decided to try something different. So far I like the setup but the jury is still out on the B67 saddle.

The Brompton is new and has been set up with a B17 saddle (moved from the Surly) and an Ostrich saddle bag. The Brompton was purchased to fit in my car’s very small trunk so that I could use it when away from home. —Jim

2 Responses to “Gallery: Jim’s Surly Cross Check & Brompton M”

  • john says:

    I read your posting with interest. Both or your bicycles look very classy. Excellent choice of seats and accessories!
    Have you ever thought of adding a recumbent to your stable of excellent bicycles? You may really enjoy the comfort and start commuting to work or even want to ride farther!
    Maybe you can find a local bike store or befriend someone well-versed in the many styles and configurations of recumbent cycles to help you find one that fits you best.

  • Marcos says:

    What kind of car trunk is that Brompton stuffed into? I’d love to find something to fit into the trunk of my ’06 Honda Civic sedan. Nice bikes!

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