Gallery: Rich’s Montague BiFrame Folding Bike

Great site you have…saw the link from your recumbent one that you created previously. At any rate, I have as my daily tool-around-errand-runner an early 90’s Montague BiFrame full size folding bike. I bought it about 5 years ago from the local thrift shop for $75.00 and have enjoyed it ever since. I use it a couple of times a week for runs in town to the library, post office, hardware store.

This is our second Montague BiFrame–the other one is my wife’s (it’s about 15 years old as well but blue in color). We have twin sons in college (different schools) so it’s been great to bring both bikes up to their campuses during visits over the past two years. A couple of changes have been adding the saddle from the garage bike parts collection (the original wore out years ago) and the Serfas Drifter tires. The BiFrame has the stock 18-speed Shimano 200GS gears and derailleurs and folding pedals. —Rich

2 Responses to “Gallery: Rich’s Montague BiFrame Folding Bike”

  • nancy says:

    Hi … I just purchased a red Montague “Swiss Army” bike at a thrift store (30 bucks!)
    looks an awful lot like yours…Perhaps a bit newer.
    Anyhow… I can not figure out how to fold it.
    Got any hints?

  • CB says:


    There are You-Tube demonstrations of how to fold the Montague/Swiss Army bikes. Google “montague folding bike” for links.

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