Gallery: Nate’s 2007 RANS Dynamik

This is my 2007 Rans Dynamik. I purchased it the winter of 2007, after selling my V2, Surly LHT and a Rans Fusion. It was becoming difficult to decide which bike to ride. So after assessing my riding habiits and needs, I decided on the Dynamik. Now deciding which bike to ride is not an issue because I have only one. The bike was purchased  from Jersey Bents in Hamilton, NJ. The dealer was knowlegable and helpful. The bike is mostly stock except for the Avid disc brakes,and the Oval Concepts wisker bars,which I installed for lights.  The bars are also nice to get more aero, however I like to use them to stretch my muscles when riding. Other acessories include a RANS rear rack, an Old Man mountain Cold Springs front rack and several Arkel Panniers including the tail pack in the picture. If something larger needs to be carried there is also a Carry Freedom large flat bed trailer.

I ride this bike everywhere! It takes me to the stores, movies, visiting friends, and to work, which is seventeen miles one way. When I am tired I combine the bike and train.  My car broke down in May and I sold it for junk. No regrets. I feel energized have lost some weight and am sleeping better than ever. Many up grades are planned. Keep on pedaling. Thanks for the motivation to get these pictures posted, Love your blog! —Nate

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  • Scott says:

    Nice ride, Nate! I’m interested in they Dynamic line. How do you find standing to pedal and ease the bum? How do you find the comfort compared you your previous recumbents and toher bikes?



  • Nate says:

    Thanks. I could not stand and pedal at first. I tried mostly because of the stand and ride hype. Now I like to stand and pedal through intersections with cars, so I am more visible. I am a relaxed rider so standing and pedaling is not high on my list. One day I just found my self standing and peadling. This occured for me at about eight weeks of continous riding. I believe that my muscles became trained and I was able to lift myself. This all seemed to just happen without any planning on my part. In regards to my bum, I assume that you are refering to my buttocks or bottom. My experience has been smooth riding. I have quite a amount of muscle and dare I say…fat in that region. So I have not yet required extra cushion as some riders have reported. Maybe as my bum thins that may change. For now everything is smooth riding. I have found on roads that are very bumpy I de-weight my seat, much like when riding an upright. There is nothing more comfortable that a well fitted recumbent and nothing worse that an poorly fitted upright or diamond frame bicycle. I love all bikes! Sometimes I have more than I can ride or store. This one bike thing is simplflying my life. I think Bob Bryant from Recumbent Cyclist News said it best; ” you must ride and decide which bike is best for you.” I have asked questions and have read tons of literature about all types of bicycles and much of my reading has put me on bikes that are right for me. However, every bike that I rode daily was modified in some way to achive that sweet spot when riding. My Dynamik is a commuter and utility bike and I love riding it! I am always eyeballing my next crank forward, upright, folder and recumbent! I don’t know what is in my future with bikes but I sure am having fun. I hope this is helpful.

    Best regards,

  • Scott says:

    Thanks, Nate! You’ve confirmed what I’ve read elsewhere: Folks really like these RANS CF bikes. If we get a chance at the Great Divide Mtn. Bike Route, a pair of Dynamik Trails is in our future.



  • Chris says:

    Thanks for posting this Nate. This is the bike I’m looking into. My neck has begun hurting on a regular bike and I’m hoping that a crank forward will help with that. I also like to ride my bike for errands, to work at times and on short day tours. It looks as if the dynamik would handle all of that. Now that you’ve had it for awhile, are you still loving it?

  • nate says:

    I am still riding my RANS Dynamik and loving it!

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