Gallery: Larry’s Lightning P-38 Voyager

This a used 2004 or 2005 Lightning P-38 Voyager with S&S couplings that allows the bike to fit into a suitcase. Since I have a Blue Angel theme Phantom, I’ve decided to paint the Voyager in Air Force Thunderbird red, white, and blue colors. There’s no way it will be finished by Spectrum Powderworks before your gallery deadline for the pedals, so I’ve added the colors as they will appear.

The bike traveled in the car on a recent trip to Oregon, Washington, and Crescent City in California, and it now takes about 30 minutes to take the bike apart and pack it in the suitcase and 45 minutes to assemble it. The Voyager and the Phantom will share commuting duties with the Phantom assigned to lugging loads with  fenders, racks, and wider tires.

I did most of my riding on vacation during a week in Crescent City, but the rose is from the International Rose Test Garden in Portland. I thought I would take a long ride, but just a half-mile from the hotel, the Rose Garden kept me there until the sun set.

We’ll have to get rid of at least one car to make room for the less-used Specialized M2, and the William Sampson tandem (for marital harmony), but all the vehicles are guarded by the security cat. —Larry

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  • john onofrio says:

    how do the airlines like your case; does it incur extra baggage costs since it is 26x26x12 and theorectically > than the allowed 62 in total dimensions on most airlines like Southwest? How difficult is it to assemble/diassemble if one is not a savy bike repair person. I rode the bike recently and really liked the bike. Is there a big difference between the XT model and basic P-38? Any back trouble with this bike???. I have a Rans XP and have not had any back problems but a few post have been made about back issues with p-38.

    Thanks in advance for any information

  • Larry Guevara says:

    @john onofrio

    Sorry for the late response, I just noticed your message.

    I’ve never carried the Voyager P-38 on an airline, so I can’s answer your question directly. The Lightning web page at says you may not have a problem. It takes me about 45 minutes to put the bike in the suitcase, and about the same time to assemble it. The time could go down if you practice it. It’s easy to become confused with the cable routing. If I traveling for a few days, I try to take the bike assembled, but I’ve take trip to Portland or Crescent City for a week, and it was worth it to carry the bike protected in the suitcase.

    The difference between the basic and XT versions are some Ultegra components for the XT version compared to the Deore compnents for the basic version.

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