Gallery: John’s Bevy of Bikes

Here is our household’s stable of commuter/errand bikes : My ’08 Pashley, My wife’s ’93 Cannondale M700, My Son’s girlfriend’s ’70’s Schwinn Super Sport 10 speed, My Son’s ’92 Trek 930 ( lugged steel frame ) converted to single speed, My Mother-in-law’s ’01 Schwinn Cruiser 4, and our ’93 Cannondale MT800 Grocery getter and CycleTote trailer ( with brakes ). —John

One Response to “Gallery: John’s Bevy of Bikes”

  • Cristen says:

    These seven pictures would turn to nine but I, John’s daughter moved to St Louis, and took my two commuting bikes with me. We are truly a bike riding family. We both moved within our respective city limits to make bike riding our transportation.

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