Gallery: Jeff’s Del Sol Lxi 6.2

Here is my bike on a beautiful and windy evening on the redwood coast. My bike kept getting blown over while I took photos. I ride a 2006 model Del Sol Lxi 6.2 around town for day light/fair weather shopping and a 1 mile commute. It is not really that great of bike, but guess that’s why I can not find their web site anymore. I know the cable lock would get laughed at in a the big cities but it works just fine here.

The plastic chain guard broke which the local bike shop told me can not be replaced unless I buy a whole crank assembly. So I melted a stick of “Fantastic Plastic” to repair the chain guard. The silver paint can not hide the amateur repair job but it works.

The Kettler shopping basket with rack clip works as you would expect, it except the handle sometimes comes off. The basket limits you to shopping at one store. I plan to replace it with a faux milk crate and a locking lid so I can store my helmet & safety vest while shopping at multiple stores. —Jeff

4 Responses to “Gallery: Jeff’s Del Sol Lxi 6.2”

  • Larry Guevara says:


    Is that the Battery Point lighthouse in the background?

  • Jeff Leach says:

    Yes it is.

  • Larry Guevara says:

    It must be fate that Alan posted gallery entries next to each other with pictures from the same coastal road. My P-38 pictures are just down the road of the St. George lighthouse memorial. I visit there almost every summer to play tennis at the Del Norte HS courts and play golf.


  • Orange County Attorney says:

    I’ve never been to Battery Point – but I hear it is gorgeous….someday i”ll get up there.

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