Steve Flagg (QBP) Interview in Dirt Rag

Quality Bicycle Parts (QBP) is the largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories in the industry. Many of the parts and accessories on the shelves in your local bike shop were probably ordered from QBP, yet interestingly, very few people have heard of them. QBP also owns the Surly, Civia, and Salsa bicycle brands; if you ride a Surly, Civia, or Salsa bicycle, you’re riding a QBP product.

Dirt Rag magazine recently published an interview with QBP founder Steve Flagg. Since QBP is such a powerhouse in the industry, but very few people have heard of them, I thought my readers might be interested in the interview.

Dirt Rag interview with Steve Flagg

2 Responses to “Steve Flagg (QBP) Interview in Dirt Rag”

  • Croupier says:

    He beats around the bush a little while trying to basically ask, “Hey Steve, why can’t QBP keep anything that bike shops actually want to buy in stock?”
    ‘If our warehouse was twice as big, we’d be twice as successful,’ I think would be the gist of his response.
    I think they also have a stake in FBM bikes, which for my money is making some of the nicest BMX frames around.

  • Vik says:

    I ran into Steve on my Icefields Parkway tour this summer. He is a really nice guy and we had a good chat about the various Surly bikes that are making waves in the industry.

    Surly could sell a lot more bikes if they followed the common industry practices, but then we wouldn’t be able to buy a Big Dummy or a Pugsely.



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