Gallery: Donald’s 1986 Trek 520

Bicycle: 1986 Trek 520 in 25″ frame size. Set up with half step plus granny gearing for towing and climbing fully loaded.
Me: 6’4″ and 215 lbs.
Trailer: Burley Nomad

I am predominantly a bike commuter, and tourist, but also have started running errands with the bike now that I have a Burley Nomad trailer. During the winter months I ride this bike through town to my office for a round trip of 12 miles. During the longer days the rest of the year I ride the American River Bike Trail from my home in River Park to my office near Old Sacramento.   have only a couple of blocks on city streets at each end and the rest is on a dedicated bike trail along the American River Parkway. There are no cars, and the worst I have to watch out for are squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, etc. This makes a 24 mile round trip. On Thursdays I take a Concertina and my cloths in the trailer so that I can go to music lessons on my way home after work. This saves parking and gas and the trailer paid for itself in one summer. I have been known to make grocery runs to Trader Joe’s where I fill up the trailer with 6 bags of groceries. This set up rolls pretty well once moving, but it is a bear to get started.

This last winter I volunteered at the Bike Kitchen to repair and restore used bicycles for resale to underprivileged kids. As an experiment I decided to try and deliver one of the bikes back to the Bike Kitchen using the Trek and the Nomad trailer. I attached a Yakima fork blade attachment to a bar at the back of the trailer. I removed the front wheel from the bike and attached it to the rear of the trailer and then towed the very long contraption about 4 miles to the Bike Kitchen. The towed bike was too top heavy so after a few spills where the whole mess flipped over on its side, I had to go around corners very slowly. The last indignity was when I pulled up on the sloped sidewalk in front of the Bike Kitchen and the whole mess fell over again in front of everyone. Well…at least it was worth a try.

The last two weeks I have started the process to retire the Trek to light duty and am trying to get used to my new Rans V-Rex recumbent. If all goes well this will be my new commute, touring, and errand bike. Pics and story to follow. —Donald

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