Gallery: Karen’s Trek Soho S

Right now, I’ve been riding my Trek Soho S mostly (for commute and recreation). It’s single-speed freewheel and has flip-flop option to ride fixed, but I’m not that hardcore (I like to coast LOL). I also have a Marin Belvedere that came with fenders and I added a rack for when I wanna use panniers. I use it for rainy days but still prefer the Trek Soho because it’s so much lighter. I’ve found I still prefer to ride with a backpack (Adidas Ren with Cateye TL LD-1100) vs panniers because I like to be able to move the bike around easier.

I usually ride to the Transit Center which is about 6 miles away, and then I catch a vanpool (which I coordinate). My favorite commute is when I telecommute, which is now 2-3 days a week :) —Karen

5 Responses to “Gallery: Karen’s Trek Soho S”

  • Woody says:

    Hey nice bikie, Ive ordered one of these and am waiting on delivery.
    I was wondering though is everything on that bike stock? Those pedals dont look standard.
    Also how do you find the saddle?
    They sure are stealth looking…

  • Brian says:

    Hey the pedals are the only thing on this bike that are junk…replace them straightway or you will be sorry…

  • Brian says:

    i have this bike and i absolutely loved it …i am going to have to replace the wheels because i had to choose between vehicular homicide and eating a concrete curb..since a peaceloving person i chose to hit the curb instead of the pedestrian who stepped in front of me while on the phone…but i screwed up the sidewall of my rims…I think you will need to upgrade the tires on this or put a liner in the tire to protect the tube from punctures…but other than that this Trek Soho is great!

  • Michel Mallet says:

    Hi there,
    I’m living in Paris (France) and want to experiment singlespeed. Not sure I’m able to run such bike…
    My choice is not easy. I do hesitate between Trek Soho S, Schwinn Cutter, or Specialized Langster NY.
    Please could you help me to make my choice ?

  • Michel Mallet says:

    I’ve bought a Soho S. Very cool: fast, responsive and very lihgt (less than 10 kgs in 20″).
    Thanks for your help in the choice.

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